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exim-greylist - Example configuration for greylisting using Exim

License: GPLv2+
This package contains a simple example of how to do greylisting in Exim's
ACL configuration. It contains a cron job to remove old entries from the
greylisting database, and an ACL subroutine which needs to be included
from the main exim.conf file.

To enable greylisting, install this package and then uncomment the lines
in Exim's configuration /etc/exim.conf which enable it. You need to
uncomment at least two lines -- the '.include' directive which includes
the new ACL subroutine, and the line which invokes the new subroutine.

By default, this implementation only greylists mails which appears
'suspicious' in some way. During normal processing of the ACLs we collect
a list of 'offended' which it's committed, which may include having
SpamAssassin points, lacking a Message-ID: header, coming from a blacklisted
host, etc. There are examples of these in the default configuration file,
mostly commented out. These should be sufficient for you to you trigger
greylisting for whatever 'offences' you can dream of, or even to make
greylisting unconditional.


exim-greylist-4.69-17.fc10.i386 [22 KiB] Changelog by Tomas Mraz (2009-09-16):
- Use password-auth common PAM configuration instead of system-auth

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